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Communication Center

a simple user-friendly online interface which enables the user to manage their calls and SMS. 
All our communication services can be funded through one customer account at the Communication Center.  Registered users can also use the Communication Center to access additional features such as online billing and their personal directory online. 

This is not a VoIP service - you talk over your existing telephone, not your PC. All our communication services can be funded through one customer account.

You can also use the Communication Center to access additional features such as billing and manage your personal  directory online. All the integrated communication technologies detailed below can be administered through the Communication Center via one user log in. The Communication Center combines the following calling features:
Webcall, Conference Call, Send (mass) SMS, Calling Diretory online and more...

communication center

Rebranded Solutions...

We will work with you to understand your business needs and develop the software to suit that need. We specialize in developing bespoke database software for web applications within the telecom and Multi-Level Marketing industry. We can also work with your existing software developers to integrate our specialist features into your existing software platforms. With our Admin Back office Solutions you can manage all Communication Centers for your organization.

Bespoke Online Interface for Communities,
Sales Networks

Our team is highly experienced in the field of designing and implementing Multi-Level Direct Marketing software.  Anyone with knowledge of this industry will understand that this is a highly complex and specialist field.  We also have expertise in integrating telecom software into network marketing systems, either as a product or as a communication tool for your distributor base.  We can even work with your existing software providers to integrate 'CallMeNow' and 'TextMeNow' features into your distributor's personal websites. Our MLM Solutions:

  • Corporate websites

  • Replicated sites for individual distributors

  • Payplan Management software

  • Business Administration Site

  • Members Administration Areas

  • Integrating Instant contact tools like SMSmeNOW and CallmeNow into replicated site

  • Travel Solution System incl. Medical Care System

Wholesale Telephony Solutions

TecNetGlobal offers a one-stop solution for Telecom (Other Industries) Wholesale, Online and Printed phone card distributors and switched operators. Through it's state-of-the-art facilities, TecNetGlobal provides a full range of product and services including the option of a White Label as well as any customization on the Interface such as "Customer" and "Sub-Distributor" back offices..

  • Network tools

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